Annemieke Kanninga

Annemieke Kannings

Annemieke trained as a pediatric anesthesiologist and worked at Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital in Utrecht for some years. In 2019 she decided to leave the hospital setting after 15 years. During medical training she temporarily worked as a companion for people with intellectual disabilities (ID). The love for these special people has always stayed. Therefore she started another specialty-training that is unique to the Netherlands: Arts voor Verstandelijk Gehandicapten (AVG), ID-physician. She stayed interested in painrelief and palliative care because of her background. Her patients benefit, because children and people with ID have similar cognitive and emotional levels. She now tries to connect both worlds by sharing knowledge and skills from anesthesiology with people working in ID-care. And also by sharing knowledge about ID-specific challenges with professionals working in hospitals. She writes blogs on LinkedIn and a column in a Dutch scientific journal. In the development of national guidelines for care she introduces the ID-perspective.