Boukje Hermans


- Boukje Hermans.

- consultant anesthesiologist at the Maastricht University Medical Centre.

- subspecialised in neuroanesthesiology.

- trainer in the Simulation Centre Maastricht and instructor in Advanced life support provider courses.

As most educators are working with children on a daily basis, my experience with pediatric sedation is less. I do have experience in pediatric anesthesia/ airway management as well as providing conscious sedation in challenging cases in adults.

During certain neurosurgical procedures there is a need for temporary sedation to provide patient comfort (positioned in a frame/ painfull stimuli) as well as good operation conditions for the surgeon. On the other hand the patient must also wake up quickly for neurophysiological testing. Airway management in these cases is challenging so deeper levels of sedation must be avoided. To actieve these goals precise communication and collaboration between all teammembers is essential.

In providing pediatric sedation there is overlap in these skills, but there are soms more challenges.

My goal is to optimize teamwork through simulation based education in which we can integrate these technical and non-technical skills in a safe learning environment. It provides a great opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences in this course.