Cyril Sahyoun


Cyril Sahyoun is an attending physician at the Children's Hospital of Geneva. He attended medical school at Georgetown University, Residency at Columbia University's Children's Hospital of New York Presbyterian and Fellowship at Boston Children's Hospital, where he developed clinical expertise in procedural sedation, anxiolysis and analgesia. After returning as an attending physician at his alma matter in New York to head Medical Student Education efforts in the Pediatric Emergency Department, Cyril Sahyoun moved to Switzerland, where he is helping boost the field of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Cyril has authored influential review articles and book chapters in the field of sedation and is currently preparing to publish the first comprehensive survey of pediatric procedural sedation, anxiolysis and analgesia in European Emergency Departments. Other academic interests include medical trainee education in analgesia and anxiolysis, communication in the clinical environment as well as prehospital care. His other jobs include baking deeply fermented sourdough breads and trying to be a good husband to his wife Monica and a good father to his 3-year-old son Christian, his 1-year-old daughter Louise and to their dog Chicha.