Daniel Annequin


Professor Daniel Annequin created and directed the Child and Adolescent Pain and Migraine Centre at Trousseau Hospital (APHP) Paris for 25 years.

He has three specialties: anesthesiologist, psychiatrist and pain physician.

He has contributed significantly to improve procedure pain treatment by developing the massive use of the nitrous oxide oxygen mixture.

PRIC (Procedural Restraint Intensity in Children) scale. Validation of a simple tool to measure procedural restraint intensity in children.

The child and adolescent migraine center has received more than 18 000 patients: the treatments combine both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approach.

Associate Professor (Pain Medicine) University of Paris 6 Sorbonne.

Since 1989, President and creator of PEDIADOL www.pediadol.org french reference site on child pain.

Medical responsible of the second national pain control program. French Ministry of Health (2002 - 2005).