Evelyn Maes


Current function:
Pediatrician, Medical coordinator of the pediatric department
Ghent University Hospital since September 2018.
Medical coordinator of the pediatric multidisciplinary pain team Ghent University Hospital.
Medical coordinator of the outpatient clinic for children with Down’s syndrome since 2020.

Relevant working experience:
2019- present: Member of Belgian Pediatric pain federation, special interest acute pain and procedural sedation.

2013: Master of Medicine, Ghent University
2018: Master of Medicine in Specialist Medicine: Pediatrics, Ghent University.

Antibiotic prophylaxis and immunization in children with a functional or anatomical asplenia. Belgian journa of Pediatrics 2019.
Submitted: Procedurele analgosedatie in children. Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde.