Gabriele Cont

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Gabriele Cont is a 45 years old neonatologist, originally from Gorizia [Italy]. After having had experiences abroad first as pediatrician in the malnutrition field at the Hospital Divina Providencia, Luanda-Angola, and then as pediatrician and neonatologist at the Materno Infantil Institute Prof. Fernando Figueira, Recife-Brazil, from 2011 onwards works in the Neonatal Intensive Unit Care [NICU] at the Scientific Research Institute and Paediatric Hospital ‘Burlo Garofolo’ in Trieste, an highly-specialised national centre for maternal and child healthcare. Always interested in humanizing care in NICU also promoting a more family centered care in the Intensive Units, he has now joined the Ethics Committee of the same institute.  Author of many scientific articles, currently his main research interests are focused on cortical activation by nociceptive stimuli in NICU and basic cortical activation in the term-preterm newborn’s relationship with caregivers. He is also interested to the research involving the support of all distress reduction interventions as a proactive factor of neuroprotection development.