Giorgio Cozzi

Giordio Cozzi

Pediatrician at the Emergency Department of the Institute for Maternal and Child Health IRCCS Burlo
Garofolo of Trieste, Italy (2014-2024).

Residency and Certified Specialization in Pediatrics at the University of Trieste (2009-2014).

Medicine degree at the University of Trieste Medical School, Trieste, Italy (2001-2008)
Fields of interest: pediatric pain management, pediatric sedation, pediatric emergency medicine, and pediatric functional disorders.

Editorial activities: Coauthor of 125 Medline indexed papers.

Referee of international peer-reviewed journals

Coauthor of 40 EMBASE indexed papers of national relevance.

Co-author of 4 pediatrics handbooks of national and international relevance

Co-author of 30 abstracts presented at pediatric national and international meetings

Invited speaker in 50 pediatric meetings of regional, national and international relevance