Jette Led Sørensen


Jette Led Sørensen (MD, MMEd, PhD) is Professor in Interprofessional Education at Copenhagen University and Mary Elizabeth’s Hospital  - Rigshospitalet for Children, Teens and Expecting Families.  Mary Elizabeth’s Hospital is a new public hospital that is a part of Rigshospitalet, will open in 2026 and sets new standards for the treatment of children, adolescents, pregnant women and their families in the patientcare and the interplay between architecture and organisation.

Jette Led Sørensen is specialised doctor in ObGyn and has a Master of Medical Education degree from the University of Dundee, Scotland and a PhD from Maastricht University, Netherlands focusing on interprofessional education and simulation.

Research areas are interprofessional education, curriculum development, simulation-based medical education, participatory learning method, assessment of medical competence evaluation of medical education and implementation.

Currently working with development of an interprofessional curriculum for healthcare professionals in communication with children and adolescents and how healthcare professionals integrate play in clinical work in paediatrics. Further research focusing on promoting paediatric patient’s rights to participation in their own treatment and care in hospitals and focusing on the active involvement and participation of children and adolescents’ perspectives and views on hospital experiences.

Published > 100 research papers.