Koen Vanhonsebrouck

Afbeelding Koen Vanhonsebrouck

I’m married and father of 4 children. I finished nursing school in 1997 and started my career at the University Hospital of Leuven in Belgium as a nurse in our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). I got my degree in critical care nursing in 1998 en went to be the head nurse of the unit in 2008.

In 2016, I rerouted my career within our hospital and became the coordinator of a nurse-driven sedation team, better known as the “Prosa-team”. This team was created in 2014 as a project to help children in our hospital during procedures and has been growing ever since.  Working on the safety and quality of care for procedural sedation in cooperation with several departments of the hospital such as anesthesia, radiology, endoscopy and psychiatry. Currently working on the prevention of pain and needle fear of outpatients and consultations and evolving to a customized approach for kids with needle fear.

I’m the former President of the Belgian Pediatric Pain Association (BePPA).