Lars Mommers

Foto Lars Mommers

Lars Mommers is a consultant anesthesiologist at the Maastricht University Medical Centre. After completing his initial training in anesthesiology, he worked in prehospital emergency care in Brisbane and Townsville (Australia) and studied aeromedical retrieval at James Cook University (Australia). After his return to the Netherlands, he completed training as a consultant in Intensive Care Medicine. Missing the challenges of prehospital care, he was pleased to be offered a job at the Radboud UMC to participate as a HEMS physician in the Lifeliner-3 helicopter teams.

In addition to his current clinical work as a consultant in anesthesia and HEMS physician, he is employed by the simulation center in Maastricht, designing and conducting post-graduate (high-fidelity simulation) training and faculty development. His research involves the observation and optimization of non-technical skills and team performance within acute care teams as well as therapeutic options in (refractory) ventricular fibrillation.