Linda Schuiten


My name is Linda Schuiten. I work as a nurse practitioner at the pediatric ward in a teaching hospital in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. My job is to take care of children who are anxious, are in pain or need
procedural sedation.
During my 20 years of general pediatric work experience as a nurse I did get more and more convinced that the procedural distress children have during procedures is unacceptable. My goal is reducing procedural
distress for each child; therefore I combine pharmacological (e.g. dexmedetomidine, ketamine, midazolam, nitrous oxide, fentanyl) and non pharmacological (e.g. medical hypnosis, positive language) skills and knowledge. Combining those two things is very important in reducing procedural distress and the effect amazes me every day. I participate in a course for medical and nursing professionals in the use of Nitrous
Oxide and give lectures about the prevention of procedural distress.

Medical Career:
2017 Nurse practitioner
2015 Nurse practitioner in training under direct supervision of a pediatrician
2003- 2015 Team leader at the pediatric ward of the OLVG, Oost in Amsterdam
2013 Since 2013 I use Nitrous oxide in children who are anxious during procedures
2014 Since 2014 I use medical hypnosis during procedures
1997- 2003 Pediatric nurse in the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam.
1996- 1997 In training for pediatric nurse in the Wilhelmina children’s hospital Utrecht
1993-1996 Several jobs as a nurse in different hospitals

2015- 2017 Master advanced Nursing Practice at in Holland, Amsterdam