Pre-Conference Course

Please note that the below program is subject to change.

Wednesday 7 SEPTEMBER 2022

(Pre-conference course)

09:00 - 17:30

On the day prior to the PROSA2022 conference the PROSA Sedation Provider Course will take place. This first ever European interdisciplinary course is a 1-day hands-on advanced training course for paediatricians, anaesthesiologists, emergency physicians and specialised nurses who already have experience with Procedural Sedation and Analgesia (PSA) in children. 

The course consists of high-fidelity scenario training, interactive workshops and reflective group discussions. Learning objectives include PSA-related quality and safety, managing emergencies, performing deep sedation, interpreting capnography, process control, trust-based communication and implementing procedural comfort care. 

Teaching team: Ten experienced instructors from different professional backgrounds with extensive expertise in PSA in children.

Course directors:
* Eva Schaffrath, Pediatric anesthesiologist
* Piet Leroy, Pediatric intensivist

* Sara Debulpaep, Pediatrician
* Jürgen Dertinger, Pediatric anesthesiologist
* Brenda Kantering, Pediatric anesthesiologist
* Baruch Krauss, pediatrician and emergency physician
* Annick de Jaeger, Pediatric intensivist
* Koen Vanhonsebrouck (procdural sedation nurse)
* Michelle Vranken, (procdural sedation nurse )
* Mariska Zwartsenburg, Pediatric Emergency physician

Team of the simulationcenter, University Maastricht (Simulatiecentrum | Maastricht UMC+ Academie (

Maximum number of participants: 30 (5 interdisciplinary groups of 6 participants each). An interdisciplinary mix of participants from different European countries is sought.

Language: English

Location: MUMC* simulation centre (just a few walking minutes away from the PROSA2022 Conference venue)
*Maastricht University Medical Centre

Registration and selection: Please apply for participation by sending an e-mail to Piet Leroy (, describing shortly your professional background, what you expect to learn and a brief description of your experience with PSA in children. As soon as possible we will inform you whether or not you can take part in the course. 

Cost and Payment: Nurses: € 150,00; Doctors: € 250,00.

Accreditation and Certificate: For Dutch Profesionals accreditation will be requested. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.