Zeev Kain


Dr. Kain is a Chancellor’s Professor, an anesthesiologist and pediatrician who has an extensive background in transformational management in hospitals and operating rooms. He previously served as the Dean of Clinical Operations and Chair of Anesthesiology at UC Irvine Health and Professor and Chief of Children’s Anesthesia at Yale University. Dr. Kain’s research program that has focused on the perioperative behavioral stress and pain response in children has been funded by the US National Institute of Health for more than 20 years and he has published more than 300 peer-reviewed manuscripts. Internationally, Dr. Kain is well known for his seminal work on value based care in the surgical setting. Dr. Kain is the President of the American College of Perioperative Medicine which is aimed at facilitating a shift towards evidence-based, standardized, patient-centered care in both and adults and children undergoing surgery.